What is DISHA

DISHA is a term in Hindi language which means "direction", "course", "pathway". Inspired by philosophy of the term DISHA, Indian apparel industry is determined to chart a course for itself to make India a preferred and chosen destination for the global textile and apparel trade and sourcing by showcasing its efforts in and through adoption of responsible business practices. Driving Industry towards Sustainable Human Capital Advancement (DISHA) is a first-of-its-kind industryowned and driven initiative by the Indian Apparel Manufacturing Industry. Through a multi-stakeholder and voluntary approach, DISHA will encourage adoption of a self-regulatory AEPC Common Code of Conduct (AEPC CCC) along with a capacity building framework for supporting and facilitating apparel manufactures.

- Creating a National Standard
- Creating a Brand Image of India as Socially Compliant manufacturing country / destination
- A Platform to address and partner with leading global brands
- Create a single platform for Standards agencies, Brands, Auditing agencies, International governing bodies, NGOs and Media